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My name is James and I live in Sudbury, Ontario with my wife and daughter. I started collecting cards in 1990 and am an avid fan of the Los Angeles Kings. I have gone through many phases as a collector but have always loved the game and the hobby.

Who / What Do You Collect?

I collect primarily four specific players, two of which were L.A. Kings; Wayne Gretzky, Luc Robitaille, Ron Francis and Curtis Joseph. My focus is primarily on Autographs/Memorabilia cards of these specific players, with Upper Deck the Cup and Panini Prime cards being my favorites.  I also collect memorabilia and cards from current and past Kings.

Why Did You Start Collecting That Player / Set / Team?

Growing up in the francophone community of Verner, in Northern Ontario, everyone was a Montreal Canadiens fan. Alas, for me there was no greater player or role model than Wayne Gretzky. By the time I was old enough to know about hockey and had started playing, Wayne had been traded to the Kings, and I was an instant super-fan. I have to tell you the 1993 final was not a fun experience given where I lived. Being a fan of Wayne and the Kings, meant latching on to the greatest Left-Winger in history as well Mr. Luc Robitaille. My fascination with Francis and Joseph came later as I appreciated the other teams around the league, watching Francis’s longevity and play-making as well as Joseph’s legendary stints with the Oilers and Leafs made me a fan. I love the game and these greats made me appreciate it even more.

What's Your Favourite Item?

It’s hard to narrow it down to just a single item, but I will try to do one per player.

Wayne Gretzky: 08-09 UD Black Game Ticket Auto – Not the rarest or most expensive autograph I have in my collection, but my favorite in terms of design. I love everything about this card, it captures a moment in time, incorporates a ticket, features Gretzky in a Kings uniform and has a beautiful silver Autograph.

Luc Robitaille: This is more of an item/moment than just a card. I entered In The Game’s Ultimate Giveaway contest by tracking down cards from that year’s 11-12 ITG Ultimate. There were 6 cards total and I was able to locate three of them. Luckily one of my cards was the winner and I was gifted a Game-Used Helmet from the 91-92 season, it pairs perfectly with my Game-Used Stick from the same season. The other two cards became 1 of 1 Sketch cards of Luc. One of the best Expos I ever attended, filled with great memories of spending time the CNC crew.

Curtis Joseph: Curtis Joseph has many avid followers and collectors, landing cards of his that were really exceptional always proved more challenging, but as luck would have it I managed to score this beautiful 11-12 Limited Logos from the Cup, one of the nicest patches in my collection.

Ron Francis: This is a bit of a toss up as I do have some rarer/more expensive cards in my collection, but tracking down a complete rainbow from The Cup Foundations set (10-11 & 11-12) was always a difficult task. I have only completed two of these of in my collection. Honourable mention to my haul of Prime Colors from 13-14.

What's On Your Current Wantlist?

I am always looking to add new cards to my collection, but have refocused a bit as of late. These are my biggest wants for each player.

Wayne Gretzky: An UD autograph with him depicted in a St.Louis Blues uniform.  For some reason this has eluded me!

Luc Robitaille: Looking for autographs from 18-19 Chronology since I have yet to find any.

Ron Francis: I am still super-collecting Francis patches from 13-14 Prime as well as the last few Cup Foundations I am missing. (Patch /10, and Patch/Auto /5 from 12-13, & the Patch/Auto /5 from 13-14)

Curtis Joseph: I have yet to acquire any CuJo cards from 18-19 UD Clear Cut, so any would be great!

Contact Info

CNC/Breakers Username:              james_samson

Email:                                                  [email protected]


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